Minimal & Analogous Pairs

  1. Copy/paste your data into the box below this panel. The chart will update automatically. The input must be “form<tab>meaning” You can copy/paste from a spreadsheet, for instance.
  2. You can omit the meaning if you don't need it. It's just there for convenience.
  3. Each pair is listed twice in the results, with alternate words and segments in the “First” and “Second” columns.
  4. Unfortunately Javascript is not yet the best at Unicode. Though there is hope for the future versions, for now transcriptions like [kʰæt] will be treated as four characters, etc.
  5. Here's some Uzbek data if you want to see how it does with a larger data set.

You need to limit the search to a specific set of segments in searching for CAE; otherwise things will get out of hand.