Historical Phonology Workplace is software for doing historical phonological analysis.

Screenshot of Historical Phonology Workplace


The interface for Historical Phonology Workplace is web-like, so the intuitions you have from navigating around web sites should carry over. There is reasonably complete documentation in the program itself (left menu, under “Introduction”), which is also available here.

The initial configuration of Historical Phonology Workplace includes nonsense data and an analysis. If you accidentally delete that example and want it back, you can just copy this database.db into the same directory of the executable. (Be careful not to overwrite your own analyses in so doing!) The nonsense data are also available: mock.csv.


Historical Phonology Workplace is created with the Qt application framework, released under the GNU Public License. That means, among other things, that you are free to download it and use it, but not to re-sell it.

Qt is a cross-platform framework, so there is the possibility for using this on Mac OS X, Linux, etc. Right now I only have Windows executables because I only have a Windows machine. Perhaps some do-gooder will build versions for other operating systems and send them to me.

Executable Files

Windows: put both the files from this zip file and this other zip file and this third zip file in the same directory, and double-click on the executable file (.exe).

Source code

Download the source as a zip file

Or if you're feeling geeky:

git clone

I build in Windows with this, which assumes that Qt is installed and visible in your path:

qmake -config release

Of course your system would have something different from “mingw32-make”—probably just “make”—if you are not building from Windows using MinGW.

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