One of the surprises of my life has been the discovery that I enjoy learning languages. I grew up solidly monolingual, and even though I studied linguistics for years, I remained monolingual! Once I moved abroad, I began to learn spoken languages. A few months into that process, I added in Koine Greek. Hebrew followed that. In 2018-2019 I had the opportunity to audit a Latin class, which was great fun. That lead into Classical Arabic. Without wishing to engage in too much navel-gazing, I think I can attribute my shift to a couple of factors. First, I became much less enamoured of learning quickly and getting big results fast, and came to appreciate the kind of knowledge that comes from years of patient investment. Second, I really do enjoy reading, so language learning that consists mostly of reading is a pleasurable activity for me.

Below are some resources that I've used, and some I've developed myself.

Classical Greek

Biblical Hebrew


Classical Arabic

Miscellaneous Resources

I'm a great believer in flashcards. Here are some decks that I've put together to learn various things related to classical languages, in tab-delimited format. Most of these are originally from Wikipedia, or from the abbreviations lists of books I have.


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