This page describes tools for using a Smoothing Spline ANOVA to make formant comparisons. For detailed information about the intrepretation of the graphs the reader is refered to Davidson (2006).

We'll divide this into two parts, things you need to do once, and things you will do repeatedly.

Things to do once

  1. Download and install the R package, install the ASSIST package
  2. Download the formant-specific SSANOVA code
  3. Download the sample data set

Things to be done each session

  1. Put your data in an appropriate format
  2. Load the SSANOVA code to R
  3. Load and (optionally) scale the data
  4. Perform the comparisons

For further detail

Davidson, Lisa. 2006. Comparing tongue shapes from ultrasound imaging using smoothing spline analysis of variance. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 120 (1): 407-415.

Adam Baker. 2006. Quantifying Diphthongs: a statistical technique for distinguishing formant contours. From NWAV 35.

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