Font download

Download “Scheherazade Kerned”

If you are a Windows user, you can install this font through “Fonts” in the Control Panel. (Or, by copying it into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.)

Accessory file download

This is for advance users who want to kern their own (or somebody else's) Arabic script font. Here you can download the information in a repurposeable form. If you are interested in kerning your own font, then you want the font groups.

As described in the article, the idea here is to do two kerning tables. The main table contains the bulk of the kerning adjustments. The refining table has few classes, intended just for those cases in which there is something above or below a glyph that makes the adjustment of the main kerning table inadequate.

Here are the kerning tables for Scherezade Kerned, if you are interested. The values are based on an em-size of 1000. Note that the effect of the two tables is additive.

Finally, in case it is useful, an Open Type feature file with the kerning information for Scherezade Kerned.